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Would You Like To Become A Dental Consultant?

Many dentists, at one time or another in their careers, have shown interest in becoming dental consultants for insurance companies .

Reviewing claims gives a practitioner a chance to apply their dental knowledge without the tribulations of active practice.

In addition, as baby boomer dentists approach retirement, many want to continue working in the field of dentistry but not as “wet finger practitioners”.

And for the dentist who does not want to consult, learning the principles of claims review and dental contracts can be useful in dealing with insurance in their own practice and maximizing their patients' insurance benefits.

Until this course was developed , the only way a dentist could learn consultant basics was by employment and training by an insurance company.

And since openings for consulting positions are scarce, a dentist who is already aware of the principles involved in claims review has a decided advantage over a dentist who does not.

In addition, practicing dentists who understand the principles of claims review will better appreciate and utilize the process. Their practices will directly benefit as they become aware of how benefit decisions are made.

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How To Be A Dental Consultant

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